IntPiPoMo – Under the Sea

When I first heard about Vashj’ir, I couldn’t wait to explore the zone – although my love for the area soon changed after I started questing for about an hour. The zone itself is still visually stunning though.

I absolutely love underwater themes which is why my Tier 11 remains one of my all-time favourites. You could also include starfish, seashells, SSC, mermaids, Poesidus, my sea pony (who I’ve contemplated calling Cymre – seahorse and bubbles? I mean, come on!

Vashj'ir temple

Vashj'ir ruins

algae and starfish

There’s even a coral reef just off the coast of Uldum although not nearly as colourful or vast.

Underwater Torches

Uldum seaweed


But you just never know who you might find if you look hard enough…

This post is part of IntPiPoMo – posting 50 screenshots in 30 days.

#IntPiPoMo 46/50

Waiting Til The Cow Came Home

…or in this case Tauren.

Ok, so I have a tendency to go AFK when I’m in-game since I either have windows open, a result of alt+tabbing or I actually am AFK. Yesterday, Navi agreed to update my Navispam pic since it wasn’t a proper picture for a couple of reasons. At first I was surprised that I was even on the wall but she told me “Of course you are, you’re famous!”

It started out well as Navi was only going to update the one pic but if Tome didn’t do such a great job with her ‘Navispam’ stamp, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

I had zoned back to Uldum to set up the next photo op, when I realised she was in a BG. So I went AFK in my fishing gear while waiting on the boat. Of course, when I come back – I’m dead from an evil crocolisk. At least it wasn’t during Pet Battles this time. =/ So waiting for Navi to come out of her Battleground, which turned into multiple BGs (and two skeletons later on my part), we took the rest of the pictures. How long does it take for skeletons to disappear anyway?

Auto-release as the wait for Navi took about an hour

Uldum turned out to be the natural place to have some shots taken for my character as I’m always drawn back to the warmth, sand, titan history, artifacts and architecture. Numerous posts in the past have featured various backdrops in Uldum including the Silver Dragon post on that very area.

But even though we share the same server, it really was like being visited on a different realm, just not with a strange mutated clone… :P

Mysterious Camel Figurine

If you ever wondered what these camel figurines look like, here’s one I found a while ago. They won’t all give you a chance at the mount though. Most turned into Crumbled Statue Remnants when I touched them. However, this dust I didn’t mind so much – not when it vendors for 25G :P

Mysterious Camel Figurines Pre Patch 4.1

There are 2 item codes for this object:

  1. (50410) – Item turns to dust; and
  2. (50409) – Figurine teleports you to the steam pools in Feralas to kill an elite named “Dormus the Camel Hoarder” with ~225k HP. Once defeated, he’ll drop Reins of the Grey Riding Camel.

I used NPC Scan to find these little suckers. Now back when I found the first 3 earlier in the year they were easily targetable using the addon. Auto targeting the mob with a nice little icon on their head, just like any other rare.

Now after Patch 4.1 this is no longer the case. NPC Scan will still alert you when you’re close enough to the figurine but trying to target the tiny camel from the pop-up will no longer do anything. This was proven a few weeks ago when flying in Uldum, my addon went off. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble locating where it was.

Last night, however, I was in the area flying over the Temple of Uldum when NPC Scan went off again. I wasn’t expecting the addon made me jump (it was that loud) but I was determined to find it this time ’round, especially when it was the exact same area as before. Searching the area for the next few minutes offered no success until I tried something which made all the difference. If you turn on friendly nameplates, the figurine will be a lot easier to pick up and by flying fairly low, I was able to pick it up easily.

Mysterious Camel Figurines Post Patch 4.1

As you can see they have a slight sparkle to them but are still very small so easy to miss otherwise.

There seems to be only ONE figurine up at any one time and have read that the spawn rate is between 5 – 22 hours. I’ve managed to see two with 6hrs from one another. It’s been estimated that the spawn ratio is one 50409 per every sixteen 50410. So if you haven’t seen either one yet, that’s a good reason why. Not to mention all the herbalists and miners frequenting the area.

Ruins of Ammon

Ruins of Ammon

Ruins of Ammon - outside wall

Ruins of Ammon – outside wall



Akhenet Fields

Akhenet Fields

Vir'naal Oasis

Vir’naal Oasis

Vir'naal Oasis on hill

Vir’naal Oasis (on hill)

South of Surveyors' Outpost

South of Surveyors’ Outpost

Schnottz Landing

Schnottz Landing




Obelisk – this was the lucky one for me

Camel Map

Confirmed spots (see images above)

Hopefully one day soon, I’ll be able to say I was teleported to the Steam Pools and have a nice new mount to show for it… fingers crossed :)

Edit: My persistence finally paid off – Cymre the Camel-Hoarder.