Another One Bites The Dust

What began as a few people helping me attain a Quest item soon led to something grander as we headed up to the top of Blackrock Spire. It took a few wipes and some trial and error but we managed to reach Nefarion’s lair. Upon entering we came face to face with Lord Victor Nefarius. However, soon after combat began, Nefarious dropped his human guise revealing his true form Nefarion (aka Blackwing). Before long we managed to defeat the once powerful Black Dragon. Not bad for a couple of hours work and 2 minor hiccups for those not attuned :P

Now all I need is the last 5 pieces of elementium ore… sigh

Dungeon Upgrade Complete

The guild ventured into UBRS today for a bit of nostalgic fun. Three of us also had the last leg of the original dungeon upgrade chain to do. That last summon was an interesting fight… even though we managed to wipe the first time >.<

Second time ’round was easy peasy. Grats to Tallys, Hugadarn and Thelik respectively, for completing their upgrade chains and to those now keyed for Blackwing Lair :P