The Celestial Tournament only held one item of interest for Cool but it wasn’t high on his list of priorities. Even so, he wanted the pet so I’ve been helping him out with a lot of my duplicates and recommending which DMF pets to buy. By the time he worked his way up the tamer circuit and successfully challenged Aki, he was well on his way to collecting the last Pandaren Spirit (after giving him the other three).

Cool pet battles

Until now, he’s been a pretty casual battler so when he seemed more interested in giving the Tournament a go, I felt up to the challenge. At the time, he had already levelled 10 pets so I created a spreadsheet with the teams and pets I recommended for each opponent. This helped me determine what he still needed to capture and level while I focussed on pets he already had as opposed to a replica of the teams I used in the past.

With a pretty low tolerance for pet battling, I told him which wild pets to collect while buying any cheap ones from the AH. The Menagerie Custodian was the only one we had to farm when I noticed its ridiculous sell price. Considering how easy it is to farm, I wondered how many they actually sold back then. Coolidge managed to get it on his second run through Kara which worked out as four runs between us.

Cool pet battle storm

With his limited playtime, I helped power-level a number of pets while he worked on levelling his own every few days. At times he would say it was “too much trouble” but after teaching him my tamer circuit, it became easier and easier.

At times he seemed to enjoy the experience, especially when the match went particularly well or with a nicely timed crit but most of the time it was hard to keep him motivated. On a bad day, he would remind me that he had “all expansion to do it” and was too much trouble for just one pet but this is the pinnacle of pet battling. It’s supposed to be hard or at least a challenge.

This was probably six months ago now.

Fast forward to the present where we finished levelling his last three pets for the tournament. I have to say, it was a nice surprise when he asked for “[my] help with one of my favourite activities in the game”, coaching him through my first four tamer battles. Now if he was going to complete the tournament in any given week, I would hope it was the following trio with Mari, Blingtron and Kiryn – particularly that last fight.

Winning the tournament meant one thing – little Zao.


Being a tank, it was really a no-brainer.

Siege, Celestials and Ordos

Yesterday I was looking up the loot from Downfall (the last section of SoO) and was amazed at the number of items worth rolling on. It seems that I’ll be using all three rolls for the last three bosses as they not only drop nice loot but a couple of bosses drop pets as well. Maybe I’ll even get lucky with a pet drop just like Cool last week.


Last night I completed the Celestial Tournament possibly for the final time as I collected my last celestial pet. Chi-Chi was the last one I chose after trialling one on the PTR so I wasn’t in a rush to collect one this time around.


Now If only I could get another Ordos kill. I’ve only managed to kill him twice so far and walked away sans loot. Hopefully that will change in the near future. Luckily for Navi, it did just that.

For those still looking at submitting a YouTube intro, you still have a few days to get your entry in. There will be a few choices for the winning video so what are you waiting for?

Buya (and a contest)

Generally the first thing I do each week is the Celestial Tournament although last Tuesday evening, I noticed the weekly quest had reset so I decided to do it. It was also the first time I’ve been able to one-shot all seven challengers so I don’t see any reason to change my strats from here.

Today I managed to do it again with one variation. I was curious to see how my Dandelion Frolicker held up against Yu’la since Bonkers has proven a strong choice in the past (as well as a few others). Turns out the sprite is another great contender so if you’re having no luck with Bonkers, here’s another alternative.

As a result I was able to pick up my third pet from the Tournament.


On a side note, I’m looking for someone to create a YouTube intro for me, i.e something I can add to the start of my videos. You can check out my channel to see the types of videos I like to do and will look at some sort of prize for the wining entry – most likely pet related. Ideally I’m looking for something slick and animated.

The winner will be chosen at the end of the month.