Healing in Cata

I must say that when I first heard that healers would have to DPS whilst healing I was intrigued. Since people who know me well know I like to throw in some dps in Heroics and even the odd fight in Raids. When I healed my first heroic in Cata, it was certainly challenging and I really had to use every trick I had to try and conserve mana. As my gear slowly improved and I started to get a feel for smite healing, this way of thinking and playing became more and more doable.

If last night’s PROPER raid was any indication, it looks at though Disc healing (I really could not see myself as anything else) has a viable future as a raid healer – you just need to look at  Skada or WoL’s to see this. This honestly has me a little excited and feeling re-invigorated about my spec. (I really have not felt this way in a very long time).

But then again less is more and everything in moderation. You don’t need too much of a good thing do you? :P

BTW – Thanks again to Coolidge for encouraging me to try the minority spec. Maybe now I can shine a little more in raids :)

Life of a Disc Priest

I must say that my priest is my favourite character on WOW. I do have a lot of alts on various realms but she is the one I want to experience all that I can on. The first to level up and try out all the new dungeons and raids. The one who explores new areas and snaps up all those rares with. Not to mention getting all the achievements I can manage as well.

Gone are the days when I levelled as Shadow and managed to get the Lieutenant Commander rank – until BC came out anyway. I was once told by another shadow priest who was levelling up at the time that they “…wanted little Luna to be just like you. You’re so on-the-ball“. I must say that comment really made my day. That’s a long time ago now and I’m loving being Disc. It just brings something unique to the healing role – even though you don’t need more than one in a Guild of our size =/