Survival of the Fittest

On the border of Mulgore, Desolace and Stonetalon Mountains there’s a rather large plateau which on first reflection seems rather peaceful but on closer inspection tells a very different story. It makes me wonder what happened here to make these seemingly normal looking mice, rabbits and prairie dogs mutate into something unexpected. I’ve heard of fighting cats and dogs but this is something you need to see to be believed.

In what appears to be random in nature, the critters will mutate one by one, growing a lot larger than normal. Suddenly wearing helmets and other weapons to do battle or exterminate the other species.

This strange critter war is being waged between the battle-armoured:

  • Prairie Dogs with spiked pit helmets and daggers;
  • Axe wielding Rabbits ready to pounce on unsuspecting enemies and;
  • how about those Mice wearing skull helmets and dual wielding shotguns.

Whether this is just an easter egg of sorts or something to look forward to for Mists, you can be sure they had fun adding this into the game.

Don’t worry though, as they seem oblivious to outside visitors. Unless of course you attack one, so beware if you happen to come across the path leading up to this spot while leveling, as they may just get the better of you.

Through Your Interface – 12

12. Inspiring Imagery
Show us something that inspires you within World of Warcraft. This can be a character, a person, scenery that leaves you in awe, or whatever it is that strikes a chord in you. The inspiration it creates can be anything as well: Has this character inspired you to roll a certain class? Does a certain zone make you long to write a story about your character adventuring through that particular area?

Faerie Circle - Daylight

The mushroom circle in the Whispering Forest, Tirisfal Glades plays host to a magical event every five or six hours.

Find out more about the creative challenge set up by Saz at World of Saz where we’ve been tasked with sharing 15 days of screenshots.

Lighthouse & Captain Sanders

It’s hard not to think of Westfall without thinking of the lighthouse there. I can recall many memories over the years, starting out as an Alliance player and questing in the area. I remember when I first looted the item which started the quest chain Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map. It was my first real quest chain that actually felt like a treasure hunt and rewarding you with some pretty nifty loot at the end of it.

Although having found it on my Alliance priest at the time, I was determined to do the same quest chain on my Horde Hunter and then Priest (who’s my main now) just to get the shirt at the end. To this day I still use the shirt as part of my Fishing outfit. The annoying thing about the chain though was the very low drop rate of the map. Having done it on at least three characters, farming the map off the murlocs wasn’t something I looked forward to each time.

Having a beer in Southshore, Old Hillsbrad

Chugging a beer with Captain Hanes

After leaving the tavern, Captain Sanders and Captain Hanes can be heard talking about secret booty.

Hanes: What are you doing Sanders?
Sanders: I just be makin’ sure we wasn’t followed! *hic*
Sanders: It be clear…
Sanders: Thar she be! Ain’t she a beaut?
Hanes: Aye, she’s a beaut alright. And you parked her right next to my frigate! *hic*
Sanders: That thar monster be yers, Ed? Arrr…She’s a big’un!
Hanes: Ayep! She’s all mine… I’m gonna sail her around the world. Across the sea!
Sanders: Arrr, Ed! She definitely be seaworthy
Hanes: Sanders, what have you got in that chest?
Sanders: Can ye keep a secret, Ed? Arr…dead men tell no tales!
Sanders: It be me treasure, Ed. Me life’s work! Arr…One white shirt fit fer a pirate king to be wearin’!
Sanders: One red sash that ye can put on yer head or britches. Pride o’the fleet, that sash is…
Sanders: An’last but certainly not least, one enormous bag! Big enough to fit eight whole apples! Eight, Ed! Can ye believe it?
*Captain Edward Hanes gasps*
Sanders: Yarrr! Keep it down, Ed! Thar be scallywags about! Their scallywag ears be listenin’ for gasps like that one just escaped your lips!
Hanes: I’m sorry, Sanders. I’ve just never seen such a bounty. It took me by surprise.
Sanders: It be alright, Ed. Me booty be locked away good in that thar chest. No fool will ever have Cap’n Sanders’ treasure! Let’s go get another drink. The spirit be runnin’ low.

Over the years I have taken many photos from this area, particularly the well known landmark. But like anything I have my favourites.

Jul 2006, Questing in Westfall

Standing there on the mainland, it was hard not to take a picture as the view was just spectacular. So why not take a pic to remember the occasion?

Jul 2006, later that night

At the base of the Lighthouse, there’s a great spot to take in the view. The moon was so mesmerising, we had to stop and watch the moon for a while.

Lieutenant Commander

Celebrating our Lieutenant Commander ranks

Months later, after reaching Rank 10 in PVP, we decided to go back and see if we could relive the moment. I have to say that it just didn’t have quite the same level of intimacy for me. Those spikes certainly didn’t make it any easier :P