Fancy Meeting You Here

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I was in the middle of a pet battle and I saw this familiar figure in my frame of view.

I almost left the battle early just to get a closer look as she walked out of range shortly after starting.

Pet battle guest

Notice I only had two pets at the time. I still won though… :)

She only walks a short distance from the spot you see there, turning around and walking towards the end of the ravine.


This is what she has to say if you’ve done the (now obsolete) chain in Arathi Highlands:

I know you. I have you to thank for my freedom from the deepening corruption that consumed me for so many years.

Welcome to my home. Deepholm. It is a shadow of what it used to be, but still, here I can be free. I shall never take such freedom for granted after what we have endured.

I know not why you are here, but I hope you find what you seek within the stone walls of this place. Stay safe, [name].

I’m told she says this if you haven’t done the chain:

Deepholm has changed much in recent years.

It’s hardly recognizable. Still… here I am free from corruption. Free from the tainting influence of ancient gods.

It seems that sometimes your freedom must be stripped away for you to truly appreciate its value.

It’s funny how I went through a whole expansion (on multiple toons) and never saw her before. She is fairly hidden though so if you’re looking to say hi, head over to the north-western side of the Temple of Earth and look for the ravine just short of Needlerock Chasm (38.0, 44.8).

Mulgore Camp and Cave

A few months ago I was flying through Mulgore and found this little spot in the mountains above Red Rocks.

From the top of the plateau, you can see both a cave and some staggered painted rocks. Following these illustrations, you’ll come across a tauren camp, which as far as I know has always been abandoned, even though there’s a raging fire.

Looking past buffalo rock, you can see one path leads to a blockade but with flying or via the zeppelin, this otherwise unknown area is now easily accessible.

The cave below looks like any other cave but venturing inside you quickly find that it’s empty. Whether this area was originally designed for something other than RP, it’s still a nice spot to visit.

Who knows, it may even be used for Kamalia’s NPC – which came up in a recent Blog Azeroth Shared Topic – sometime in the future.

Darkmoon Underwater Cavern

In the southern part of Darkmoon Island you may be surprised to find an underwater cavern, located just beneath a shipwreck that acts as a visual landmark to the cavern entrance. I first found out about this otherwise hidden area after seeing it on Pando’s site.

She also mentioned the cave on the Island where I recently wrote about the Darkmoon Rabbit in the upcoming Mists of Pandaria, I was excited to have the opportunity to go on another exploration mission; especially since the Faire is up for another few days.

Darkmoon Cavern

The Cavern Entrance may be found in The Great Sea at the co-ordinates: 74.34.

Here’s the easiest way to get there:

Darkmoon Cavern path portal

Once on the Island, be sure to hit a sharp left just as you’re about to head down the hill.

Darkmoon Cavern path down

After a few seconds, you’ll come to a path zigzagging down towards the sea.

Darkmoon Cavern poseidus

This is where my Poseidus mount and underwater ring came in handy :)

Darkmoon Cavern entrance

Once you reach the entrance, you’ll hit fatigue for a bit but don’t worry as it dissipates the further you move inside the cavern entrance.

Just have a look at what you’ll find inside…

Darkmoon Cavern insideDarkmoon-Cavern-closerlook Darkmoon-Cavern-closerlook2

I thought I’d do a spot of fishing but didn’t get anything out of the ordinary. Although I’ve read that players have been pretty lucky fishing up the Sea Pony here so why not try your luck if you haven’t managed to do so yet?

Darkmoon-Cavern-fishing Darkmoon-Cavern-inside1

After that I had a closer look at my surroundings and found it to be a visually stunning place.

Darkmoon Cavern path bottom

On your way back out, head towards 61, 22 to find the same path leading back up to the Faire.

It makes me wonder what’s in store for this spot as there’s lots of room to add some cool things to the Faire and surrounding areas. Only time will tell…