Cooking up a Rascal

Fifteen days after creating my Sky-Golem, I now have two more pets to show for it. Cool started work on one while I started building up another 15x Peculiar Energy Sources for the other. However, I didn’t realise that we only had 20 Living Steels in the Guild Bank meaning I would be short 10 to make mine today. I had a lot of Spirits saved on my hunter so I traded them for some trillium ore. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on my alchemist for Riddle of Steel transmutes so I did the only thing left – a regular transmute.

Cool helped with the remaining ones so I had all the Living Steel I needed. After making my last Energy Source this morning, the set was complete.


I had an opportunity to try them out on my PTR so I was looking forward to seeing them in action.

Master of the Masters

I was a little surprised to complete this achievement since it wasn’t really on my mind but I was anxious to give the last three tamers a go. I began by seeing how well I could replicate the wins using the teams I had created on the PTR but I forgot to check their abilities before engaging them. My teams were copied over a few weeks before the patch went live so some of the abilities had changed or didn’t have the right ability selected (after levelling the pet sometime later). There’s no penalty from forfeiting though so that’s something to keep in mind when you can’t heal or bandage inside the tournament.

This week, I wanted to see what kind of new combos I could come up with so it took a bit of trial and error. You can find my new teams below:

At first I was using a Magma Wave (or similar) to get rid of the turrets but in the end I decided to go another way. This also gave me the perfect opportunity to use one of my fav pets which I haven’t played for a while. As a bonus, Kiryn finally said my favourite line after several battles :P

My Bling team seems to work consistently (although I had to do some last minute levelling for my element yesterday).

For Xu-Fu, I switched the monkey out for a snake which worked just as well.

After resetting the scenario a number of times, I was down to my last celestial – Yu’la. Unfortunately, my tried and tested team didn’t work so I was forced to try several new combinations. In the end, I had to leave and start again with another combo I hadn’t tried together before. You can see how well they did below:

One more week and my Celestial Gallery will be complete. Too bad that doesn’t translate to my collection just yet!

Celestial Knock Out

This is what I’ve been using for the Celestial Tournament over the last couple of weeks. Some of the teams are based on the pets I had on the PTR which were quite limited compared to what I have on live but I’ve had the best level of success with these combinations. I try not to reuse a pet twice and in most occasions used more common pets for replication.


Taran Zhu – Devouring Maggot, Lost of Lordaeron, Ruby Droplet
If you don’t manage to kill Li before he has a chance to feign, be aware that he will use it as soon as he steps in to battle a second time. He always uses his feign ability to block any attack you throw out so don’t waste your big hitters (with CDs) on him.

Wrathion – Darkmoon Rabbit, Kun-Lai Runt, Anubisath Idol
A rabbit is my pet of choice since it’s fast (Snowshoe Rabbit also works) and can block the frost bomb if timed right.

Chen Stormstout – Son of Animus, Stunted Direhorn, Sea Pony

Ion Goldbloom

Dr. Ion Goldbloom – Lil’ Tarecgosa, Crimson Whelping, Lil’ Smoky
Sully ‘The Pickle’ McLeary – Snowshoe Rabbit, Direhorn Runt, Amber Moth
Lorewalker Cho – Coilfang Stalker, Untamed Hatchling, Dark Whelping

Kiryn battle

Wise Mari – Crow, Untamed Hatchling, Chuck
Shadowmaster Kiryn – Winter’s Little Helper, Crawling Claw, Darkmoon Zeppelin
Blingtron 4000 – Tiny Red Carp, Pygmy Direhorn, Grinder

Chi-Chi battleXu- battleZao battleYula battle

Yu’la – Peddlefeet, Kun-Lai Runt, Bonkers

Zao – Landro’s Lil XT, Clockwork Gnome, Darkmoon Tonk

Substitutes: Lil’ Smoky (first slot)

Xu-Fu – Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Elder Python, Menagerie Custodian

Substitute: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (slot one), Bananas (slot two)

With Call Lightning you want to get as many dots or multi-hitting abilities rolling on her so if you use the snake, apply both dots. Similarly, use Banana Barrage from the ape or with a spider, use web > swarm.

Chi-Chi – Unborn Val’kyr, Jade Oozeling, Chrominius

1. Doom and then Unholy Ascension.
2. Hit Corrosion twice since she’ll block the first one. Followed by Expunge.
3. When the Jade Oozeling dies, don’t use Surge of Power yet because Chi-Chi will block the attack. Use a filler like Howl so the next attack (Surge) can finish her off.

You can check out all my other Pet Battle videos from the tournament as well as others on YouTube.