Follower Leads

Designed to be a small supplement to my Garrison Guide, here are some of the followers which require more than one source of interaction.


Located outside your main Garrison gate in Frostfire Ridge once both locations below have been flagged.

  • Grom’Gar – outside in a cage
  • Daggerfall Ravine – western side in a cage

Dagg quest


Return all three items to him at his current location in Stonecrag Gorge, Nagrand

  • The lure – under a small bridge over the river that passes to the north of Ancestral Grounds.
  • The rod – on a ledge below Telaar along with some other fishing supplies.
  • The reel – to the left of a warterfall on the road leading out of Wor’gar.


Archmage Vargoth

Scattered around Draenor are four items belonging to the mage. However, they are in high level areas:

  • Ring – northwest of Gronn Canyon in the southwestern end of Rooter’s Pass, Gorgrond
  • Boots – north of Magnarok, in the northeastern part of Frostfire Ridge
  • Staff – on the western edge of Cerulean Lagoon, Nagrand
  • Hat – Sha’tari Market District of Shattrath City, Talador

Archmage bootsArchmage Nagrand

Turn in all four items to the gnome at Khadgar’s Tower, Talador.

Archmage complete
Archmage follower

Repel the Invasion

Yesterday I noticed the quest was available for the Garrison Invasion scenario so I decided to give it a go. I had no idea what to expect so I tried to play it by ear. Let me just say it was pretty intense coming from no background info. I had a huge follower in my group which made it really hard to see. I was supposed to follow Legionnaire Grimjaw but quickly lost sight of him thanks to my huge lunky friend. The price of receiving a random bunch of followers, I guess.

Looking back at the video, you can see Grimjaw veer left while I continued straight thinking if I couldn’t keep sight of the Legionnaire, I’ll just follow this hulking giant. I almost made it to the mine thinking this was just ridiculous and stopped when I noticed my posse stopped too. Oh no, they were following me! That’s when I saw all the action happening behind me on the minimap.

A few minutes into it, I started to work out what the objectives actually were. Besides killing the goren, any fallen defenders would need to be healed except my defenders were all Lunarfall Guards. It looks like you’re supposed to click on the blood drop icon to heal then back up which is a channelled ability but because they were all hostile to me, many of them perished which I probably lost points for.

The other thing I noticed were townsfolk who needed to be escorted to a safe area. I just led them into the Town Hall which seemed to work. After several minutes and a few deaths, I ended up DC’ing which was pretty disappointing. I think my tally was around 280 by that time but I thought I’d give it a try later.

invasion tally

Today I decided to give it another go. It turns out there are four stages ending with you defeating the Gronn. I was sitting at 356 tally points before all my bonus points came in and by the end I had over 400. I can’t tell you the exact number because I DC’ed just as I was going to turn the quest in.

Gold InvasionGronn

I have to admit I was surprised to get so many achievements including Gold Invasion so I guess I did pretty well. According to the bonus text, a lot of the buildings remained intact so I guess that’s something else to do.

Garrison Field Notes

If you haven’t been following me on twitter, you may not know that I’ve been stuck with a level 1 garrison for weeks so imagine my surprise when I saw a quest to level up a few days ago. Unfortunately, my surprise soon turned to disappointment when I realised I still couldn’t progress. It turns out my lack of questing and levelling was holding me back when I opted for rare shots and pet drops but one tweet changed all that yesterday. In essence, the Pet Menagerie and more importantly the pet trainer dailies won’t be available until your entire garrison is level 3.

This meant I had to get from 92.5 to the current level cap of 96 ASAP since a lot of blueprints are level dependant. Thankfully that was pretty easy to do (even though a few quests were buggy) and I even found a few followers along the way. Sadly, my missions are still at a standstill but at least I was able to successfully complete a couple of rare missions last week.

Now with the constant DCs over the last couple of days, it’s been very frustrating to say the least – especially when you can only stay online for about a minute. Thankfully the quests and events have been very entertaining and the terrain is just spectacular.


So with my Town Hall at level 3 and six plots unable to be finalised, I must say I love being able to mine and pick herbs in my garrison even without the gathering professions. Plus I have to say, going from a level 1 garrison to a level 2 is a massive change. It was so exciting to see all the extra plots and the fortified walls and I even have an outhouse now!

The following notes are more for myself so I can refer to them later.

90 – Barracks Level 1, no small plot to allocate

Follower – Olin Umberhide (Frostfire Ridge)
Two lots of garrison resources found on either end of the garrison walls

91 – Quests in Frostfire Ridge


  • Free Mulverick from cage (quest chain at Sootstained Mining Camp, Frostfire Ridge)
  • Shadow Hunter Rala (quest, Frostfire Ridge)
  • Vivianne – mission contract

Dagg – I recognised his name from my follower list so I was excited to free him during my quests in Frostfire Ridge. He just ran off after I freed him from his cage. I happened to see him caged again during some later quests – he seems to get caught a lot. Quite funny for a rare quality follower.

92 – Chose to build a Sparring Arena in my Gorgrond outpost (over the Lumber Mill). Still able to cut thick vines in the wild using a temporary shredder).

93 – Small plot blueprints are available from the vendor – used to build a Storehouse

Upgrade Town Hall to level 2 (preliminary fishing shack, herb garden, mine unlocked) – built Lumber Mill

94 – more blueprints available from vendor – built Gem Boutique, Engineering Works, Sparring Arena

Upgrade Town Hall to level 3 (preliminary pet menagerie)


  • Brutos (Gorgrond)

95 – more blueprints available – 2nd medium plot filled – War Mill

Dagg seen for a third time in Gorgrond

Shh, act natural


  • Pleasure-Bot 8000 (Clear!, Telador) – **buggy** currently not in follower list
  • Magister Krelas (Mage Tower quest line, Telador)
  • Alexi Barov (under a fallen log – Moonwillow Peak, Shadowmoon Valley) requires lumber mill
  • Aeda Brightdawn – Auchenai Precipice, Teladar (not currently in any follower list)

Chose to build the Mage Tower in my Taladar outpost which includes an Arcane Orb that follows you around and electrocutes enemies. Garrison Portal currently ports you to The Crossroads graveyard.

96 – Receive initial quests for the Herb Garden and Fishing Shack

This will allow access to the Level 2 Fishing Shack and Herb Garden blueprints as well as the fishing daily (currently buggy).

Exclamation mark has appeared on the Pet Menagerie NPC however the daily is only available once all plots are level 3.

If only the plots weren’t broken…

For more info you can check out my Garrison Guide.