Bipsi’s Bobbing Berg

A while ago, I read about a cool little item added specifically for mages in Patch 5.4.2. Much like the Anglers Fishing Raft for wood lovers, Bipsi’s Bobbing Berg is a great way to travel over water on a conjured sheet of ice.

Bipsi Bobbing Berg

Save a tree, conjure a raft!

At revered you can purchase the berg for 750G (discounted price with perks) from Nat Pagle. Non mages will not see this item on the vendor but it will only take a few days to get revered with The Anglers if you already have the commendation applied to your account.

The berg can be stored in the Lure Master Tackle Box and used to fish on open water.

WTB more fun class specific items like this.

Emperor Shaohao

This may not have been the fastest of reputation grinds but I’m certainly glad it’s over thanks in part to WoW’s 9th Anniversary buff. Apart from the daily and killing the odd yaungol mob, my Emperor Shaohao rep was slooow. Then out of curiosity I noted the reputation gains from each section so I could determine how adventurous I felt that day.

Ordos Santuary Firewalker Path and the Blazing Way Firewalker Ruins
Urdur 44 Kilnmaster and Chanter 22 Oathguards 10
High Priest 27 Berserker 16 Candlekeeper 6

The Time-Lost Artifact is the only purchase I’ve made together with the Scroll of Challenge although I did have some fun with the Celestial Defender’s Medallion a couple of times. I do intend on buying one at the end of the expansion though.


At exalted you can buy the Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent for 100,000 Timeless Coins although I still had 31,935 left over. Considering the number of Harmonious Porcupettes I’ve purchased over the last few weeks, I don’t really have anything else to spend them on so I guess I’ll be buying more porcupettes until I’m done with the achievement. Sadly, there’s only been one addition since my last update so I feel like I’ll be stuck on the Isle indefinitely with fourteen left to go. There really needs to be a higher drop rate on these unique items.

Sunreaver Onslaught

A couple of days ago, I was a few hundred short from becoming exalted with the Sunreaver Onslaught so I logged onto my mage to farm a key for the Troves of the Thunder King scenario. It was pretty easy just doing dailies and a few heroic dungeon/scenario runs (especially when you add the reputation perk/commendation at revered). The rest came from a handful of solo scenarios (free loot!) but I especially loved seeing the Blood Elves having more of an active involvement in this expansion, in particular Lor’themar Theron showing more of a prominent role in the war effort. This of course carries on from what we’ve already seen with the Dominance Offensive.

One of the questing perks would have to be the Saurok illusion you pick up through Stage 1.

Saurok illusion

There aren’t as many cut scenes here but the solo scenarios more than make up for it. At exalted, the main perk would have to be the key for the scenario as well as the Reins of the Crimson Primal Direhorn.

Reins-of-the-Crimson-Primal-DirehornReins of the Golden Primal Direhorn

As with other faction reputations, you automatically get the Reins of the Golden Primal Direhorn which looks even better in my opinion.

All-in-all, it was a pretty easy journey to exalted as I tackled all the PVE dailies. With Stage 3 now unlocked and another rare kill under my belt, I look forward to finishing off my Isle of Thunder rares post as the rest of the Isle is revealed.