Jonesing For An Update

As I flew over Undercity on my way to Scholo, I noticed just how impressive the ruins actually are. It’s been almost a decade since my first visit to the old capital but if I remember correctly, the exterior was only updated in Cataclysm.

That’s when I noticed some of the more interesting historical aspects of the place. It’s really quite impressive when you take the time to look around but as I went to explore one of the towers, I noticed something odd about my leg.

Blizz, what’s with the double-jointed twitch? I always noticed one leg hovering lower than the other but I guess I never looked this closely before. I’ll just put it towards another thing to fix during the model update. Here’s hoping the female Blood Elf will be just as good (if not better) than the new Draenei model and I just love the racially themed underwear. I foresee gemstones in my bikini.

But first, here’s a new Cymre Jones outfit since I’ve never been entirely happy with her sets before – at least ones I can actually wear. I guess this is what she might be wearing if she still had that chestpiece as an all cloth set.

Cymre Jones-547cloth

and then I’ve always loved this leather chestpiece.


Hmm, doesn’t quite mesh. Times like this I wish we had more stylish shoes like the ones found below in WMV.

Cymre Jones-547

In the meantime, here’s a compromise. Funnily enough, I couldn’t find the pant model in v0.7.0.5 and the more recent version had issues displaying any of my models but thanks to Photoshop, it’s looking better and better.

Cymre Jones – the Motion Picture

This project has been in the works for a while but I’m excited to say that the video (created by Navimie) is finally ready to view. I only saw it for the first time today and I must admit, the music was a great fit. Funnily enough, the archaeology scene was deleted but I think it still captures who she is. As with any great adventure you’ll find action, exploration, a love interest and even a blooper when she’s flung backwards as a meteor.

I felt like I was riding a hoverboard (from Back to the Future) although it was quite difficult skimming the water with all those rocks. We also managed to record some of the Last Relic of Argus locations and follow all the forms of Kroshik on the Isle of Thunder. It was a little odd to glide over Ruby Lake and still sink with levitate activated – just shows I don’t glide very often.

It’s a long way from that first video she created of a certain tauren hunter and druid :P

Thx so much Navi. <3

DIY Robot

Have you noticed the new fluff items from your daily Blingtron Package lately? A Steamy Romance Novel may be old news to some but the Blingtron Heart Key is certainly new. Then that got me thinking… along the lines of finding all sorts of treasures around Pandaria, what if we could find random body parts, kind of like piecing the Crumbled Chamberlain together and make our own robots but each piece had a random chance to be a different colour or design – like one could be a bionic arm or some other unique feature.


Maybe one design could look like Blingtron or Jeeves or possibly a new design but you couldn’t see what kind of robot you had until you had all the pieces.


The Crumbled Chamberlain

I imagine my robot to be a companion like the Argent Gruntling who can sell, trade or access your bank. Maybe even loot stuff like the Fetch glyph for Hunters or Helpful Wikky’s Whistle. On the other hand, imagine if we had a portable hand-in for all those archaeology artifacts without having to go back to the Seat of Knowledge every day. If that’s the case, handing in those pristine items could open up a holographic dialogue of sorts letting us know more about the item we’ve discovered.

I don’t know, maybe I just have Archaeology on the brain but finding all those Lost Treasures and Riches of Pandaria injected a new kind of excitement I’ve been missing for a long time. By the way, if you’re in the market for creating your own shirts, check out this T-Shirt Printing site.