Follower Leads

Designed to be a small supplement to my Garrison Guide, here are some of the followers which require more than one source of interaction.


Located outside your main Garrison gate in Frostfire Ridge once both locations below have been flagged.

  • Grom’Gar – outside in a cage
  • Daggerfall Ravine – western side in a cage

Dagg quest


Return all three items to him at his current location in Stonecrag Gorge, Nagrand

  • The lure – under a small bridge over the river that passes to the north of Ancestral Grounds.
  • The rod – on a ledge below Telaar along with some other fishing supplies.
  • The reel – to the left of a warterfall on the road leading out of Wor’gar.


Archmage Vargoth

Scattered around Draenor are four items belonging to the mage. However, they are in high level areas:

  • Ring – northwest of Gronn Canyon in the southwestern end of Rooter’s Pass, Gorgrond
  • Boots – north of Magnarok, in the northeastern part of Frostfire Ridge
  • Staff – on the western edge of Cerulean Lagoon, Nagrand
  • Hat – Sha’tari Market District of Shattrath City, Talador

Archmage bootsArchmage Nagrand

Turn in all four items to the gnome at Khadgar’s Tower, Talador.

Archmage complete
Archmage follower

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  1. I am so happy to see Archmage Vargoth. I think Sasche was the only one clever enough to keep him. The others will be happy to see him!

  2. I had this item in my inventory (might still do) that would spawn an image of Archmage Vargoth where ever I happened to be. If you’ve ever seen the movie Amalie, he was sort of my travelling/roaming Gnome. I used to spawn him in the Auction House and watch all the noobs stop and interact with him. That’s how I know him, and I can’t wait to troll Azeroth with images of him :D

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