The Little Mermaid

Ariel happened to be the first character I created for my Fairy Tale collection but I always wanted to go back and improve on the image – like I did with Red Riding Hood a couple of times. Then after she was featured in a recent Once Upon a Time episode, it reignited my desire to have another go.


The Vestments of the Shifting Sands (as seen in my Armed and Dangerous series) was the obvious choice but the bottom half was another story. My first thought was to use the Robes of Insight but the green highlights from my Tier pants seemed to be a better choice. But what’s a mermaid without a tail? Special thanks to Linzee777 for allowing me to use one of hers.

Ariel and shipAriel under water

Now if only we could have a magical bracelet which gave us a tail whenever we wanted.

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  1. A “mermaid’s” tail would be an awesome addition to the game. It could be from archaeology or a new fishing reward but in the meantime, those legs do work well.

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