I’ve featured Red Riding Hood a few times now, starting with a post I did as part of Saz’s Through your Interface challenge. It turned out to be one of my favourites from the set but decided to postdate it so it would be published last. Ah the wait! Not surprisingly, I’ve created some other Fairy Tale characters since then to keep her company.

Later that year, I had an opportunity to reinvent her costume as part of Matty‘s Hallow’s End challenge based on the movie release but when I saw the Lil’ Bad Wolf as one of the upcoming pets in Patch 5.3, it was a no-brainer to use the pet next.

The challenge here was getting the right opera event since you have a one in three chance to begin with. Luckily after my third attempt, I managed to get The Big Bad Wolf and drop I needed. Next came a visit to the bank to try and come up with another costume but after putting together a couple of options, I needed to battle a Master Tamer for a shot as some pet biscuits (I usually chuck mine for room and yes I know they stack to 50 now). Luckily, the one outside Kara was feeling generous.

In the end I decided to tweak the original outfit I had since I had a few other pieces I could play with – the benefit of extra Justice Points.

Red Riding Hood - on roadRed Riding Hood - Howling

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  1. Heh that’s cool :) It does look good with big bad wolf now

  2. Look out! Wolfy wants to eat you!

  3. That is fantastic :)

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