The Unborn

It’s no surprise that the first thing I did today was go in search of an Unborn Val’kyr. I’ve loved the look of them ever since I first saw them in the game. The first time I saw Hildana Deathstealer, Cool and I were in the middle of one of our arena matches in Valhalas. I excitedly told Cool who managed to pull the rare as we were killing the combatant in the ring.

Unborn Val'kyr

These days, holy priests can look just like one if they use the minor glyph of The Val’kyr. For me though, this is even better!

Unborn Val'kyr

I managed to find her at my third location when checking known spawn spots although Mumper did confirm that they could be caught anywhere in Northrend and not just focus on set spawn points like others have suggested.

As you can see, I found mine in Sholazar Basin although when I arrived, another player was standing right next to her so I stayed where I was. After a few seconds, I noticed that they had just forfeit the match as she disappeared and reappeared within secs so I proceeded to fly over and engage her with my pre-formed team.

Within a minute, she was mine and I didn’t even have to bring my Turnip into play. Looking at her now she’s just a gorgeous specimen and even though she was poor quality, I had no qualms about using my Flawless Battle-Stone on her – which I only managed to get the night before. Talk about great timing… not to mention the Marked Flawless Battle-Stone you receive as a reward for The Longest Day.

Unborn Val'kyr - rez

But did you know the Undead Val’kyr can rez dead pets? It appears to be kind of random but I’ve seen her do this three times now in a short amount of time. I first tried this on a single critter but it despawned before the Val’kyr could rez it so I went to an area with a group of critters. Before long I saw her first resurrection.

By the way, I just finished the Longest Day achievement tonight and I’m glad I never have to do that again. Although the three Flawless Mechanical, Aquatic and Critter Battle-Stones were nice but I have yet to receive the Marked Stone as a reward. Note that the Fabled Pets have all been buffed since the devs considered them too weak on first release so be prepared to try more than once.

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  1. She’s so cute!
    I’ll have to go hunting tomorrow :)

  2. Grats! I guess I will have to join the hordes to get mine and fight for it :)

  3. Love this one! Huge grats on getting one, I am just logging in and hoping to be as lucky :)

  4. Grats on your lovely new addition!

    Anywhere in Northrend, then? And what level is she? Will I be able to catch her with my currently level 22 lead team, or will I need to level them some more first?

    • That’s what was said. I’m told the level can vary but mine was 23. By the time I stoned her she was 19. I had a 23 as my main pet but only had to bring out two to battle. I would level yours a bit more just in case. GL!

  5. Oh wow, you found one already? Grats, now I need to catch me a Val’k now!

  6. Your posts and advice are such a huge help…still searching, but have hope!

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