Pandaren Spirit Tamer

If you ever wanted to have one of the Pandaren Elemental spirits as one (or even four) of your pets, you now can with Patch 5.1. However, you’ll only be able to pick up the quest once you have completed the entire Pet Tamer chain which currently ends with Grand Master Aki.

Just head to your Battle Trainer in your Pandaren capital city for the starting quest. For Horde, talk to Gentle San located at the top of the Shrine of Two Moons. For Alliance, talk to Sara Finkleswitch in the Shrine of Seven Stars.

Pet Battle Trainer

Expect all four Pandaren Spirits to have level 25 Legendary pets including the corresponding spirit reward as part of the team.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit
Whispering  Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Exclamation Point, The Jade Forest (in the middle of Tigers’ Wood on a peak) – 28, 35
Pets: Pandaren Air Spirit (Elemental), Dusty (Flying) and Whispertail (Dragonkin)

Thundering Pandaren Spirit
Thundering Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location: in the mountains above the Shrine of the Two Moons, Vale of Endless Blossoms – 67, 14
Pets: Pandaren Earth Spirit (Elemental), Sludgy (Magic) and Darnak the Tunneler (Beast)

Burning Pandaren Spirit
Burning Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location: northern end of The Underbough, Townlong Steppes – 57, 42
Pets: Pandaren Fire Spirit (Elemental), Crimson (Dragonkin) and Glowy (Flying)

Flowing Pandaren Spirit
Flowing Pandaren Spirit <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Lonesome Cove, Dread Wastes – 61, 87
Pets: Pandaren Water Spirit (Elemental), Marley (Aquatic) and Tiptoe (Critter)

Defeating all four Master Tamers will reward you with one of the elemental spirits as a reward as well as the achievement Pandaren Spirit Tamer.

Not surprisingly, once you complete the quest for the first time, you’ll be able to do it again as a daily which is account-wide, giving you a chance to get the other three from the corresponding elemental dailies – the Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies.

On another note, Mumper confirmed that “the drop rates on Rare stones from battles are low. Pet daily quests offer a better rate but still not easy.”

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  1. Ooh now that’s exciting news :)

  2. I’m excited about this. Those guys are super cute!

  3. A toss up between fire and air for me I think. Mischief versus scared looking little element who needs looking after and leading astray. Probably fire though because I’ve loved that model ever since I saw it on the beta.

  4. Oh fire spirit will be the first for me. And I shall name it Catnaros!

  5. I’ve done these fights a few times each, and I’ve found that the two hardest for me are the Earth and Wind; while with the other two I have a set team that works beautifully for me.

    With the Fire I use: Oily Slimeling (Uncommon), Pandaren Monk (Rare), and Rapana Whelk (rare). I tend to throw out the Monk first for the dragon and use his hardest hit (level 5), then on the second round I use the level 2 hit that doubles dmg dealt, 3rd round I throw out my level 1 hit and it works beautifully. I’ve found that I can usually kill 1 and a half pets with each pet on this fight.

    For the Water I use: Fjord Worg (Rare), Sandy Petrel, and the Whelk. I’ve also found that for the beast in the Earth fight the Clockwork Gnome works amazingly, and does some pretty hard hits, and heals for about 1k. These two moves makes him an ideal for the hard hitting beast mouse.

    • It’s always interesting to read what people have found the most successful. For the Thundering, I find my Flayer Hatchling is very good at reflecting the crystal prison (which he likes to do right off the bat). When it switches to the slime, my Flayer can finish it with it’s other two strong attacks – part. rampage.

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