Chibi Coolidge

As you know, I had my Chibi commission completed by Sleepingfox just over a month ago. By now, she’s an artist many of you recognise by name and style as you’ve seen a number of them over the past seven weeks (mostly on Navimie‘s blog).

Coolidge was so impressed with mine that I wanted to surprise him with a gift of his own. Little did I know, there were now four commissions in front of me. However, I wanted him to love his chibi as much as I love mine so I asked him for some details.

It didn’t take long before he settled on all the elements – fans of D3 will recognise Imperius’ armour. The tool belt illustrates his practical nature, always willing to get his hands dirty – being both a Master Blacksmith and Engineer – notice his dirty cheeks? As a player he also loves listening to music so the headphones were a given. The last thing he requested was brown hair (which sometimes has a reddish tinge to it in WoW) so he wanted to make sure that his hair matched his real life colour.

Another fantastic job by Sleepingfox :)

Looking at her commission list, I see she’s going to be busy for quite a while….

By the way, if you’re in the market for something, Sleepingfox is also looking for non-chibi commissions, so check out her portfolio, if you’re interested.

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A disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items, class sets as well as all things pets.
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  1. awsome job I realy like it a lot

  2. Completely impressed. From 1 artist to another, I thoroughly like this, mainly with the little details. I have no skill at all with a computer sketch board so I am very thankful she did this for me. Thanks Fox.

    … and Yes, I am totally a music listener as well. RL or WoW I have a headset on. Not so much listening to the general mainstream Genre but mainly anything with a good beat… techno, rave, etc…

  3. Another awesome chibi by the Fox, grats Coolidge!

  4. Aieeeee he is adorable!!! I love the little details too! We should absolutely keep a little album of the chibis–Sleepingfox is so wonderful! I will always remember this :-) I can’t wait to check my email tomorrow I hope I has a message!

  5. Omg! Killer cute again!!!

    I am getting a non wow related chibi done so that made her happy :) lol

  6. Didn’t think Coolidge was cute before… but then this chibi happened!

  7. Oh my. Cymre, you never told us how cute Coolidge was before! He looks fantastic!

  8. OMG that’s so cute! Fantastic work by Sleepingfox!! IT looks amazing :)

  9. If you’ll pardon the pun, this is very cool indeed ;)

    What a fun idea, to put the WoW character in D3 armor! All the other little non-standard details are really nifty, too.

  10. He looks adorable! :)

  11. Love his little chibi! Also I have never mentioned that I love your blog layout! It is very playful and fun while still looking a little serious :)

  12. Aww so cute!! I love the hammer :D

    • Thx everyone. :D

      @Kam – Yep, he wanted to do something different and more personal like mine. All the different elements look great, thx to Fox :)

      @Classy – thx so much :D

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